For more than 18 years, Jacaranda has been the leading provider of natural decorations, such as bouquets and wreaths. In recent years, we have also been importing other products, such as glass, ceramics and wickerwork from countries including India, China, Turkey, Poland and Germany. From our purchasing lines in Eastern Europe and Asia, our products are produced according to strict conditions. Our suppliers are all certified companies. Proper environmental, and health and safety requirements are in place and child labour is in no way utilised. Thanks to our years of commercial experience in the plants and flowers sector, we have the right in-house expertise to give you, the client, the best service possible.

Our business offers a very extensive collection of floral, home & garden, and gift products for any season, consisting of trendy items such as vases, baskets, ceramics and natural decorations. Our products find their way to garden centres, and plant and flower wholesalers in both the Netherlands and many other European countries.

With more than 2500 m2 full of the latest trends in floristics and natural decoration, you are always welcome in our wholesaler's Cash & Carry. We can offer you very competitive prices and, thanks to our flexible working methods, can deliver incredibly quickly.

In addition to a range of communication options, Jacaranda has a webshop on the Logicab, platform, which is the benchmark platform throughout the flowers and plants industry. Whether you want to use an EKT or VMP to link to this supply, you can, by requesting login details for the shop and letting us know what you're looking for. As such, the supply and orders no longer require any manual input, and you receive the right descriptions and characteristics. Run no more risks with your stock, and access a large, targeted and current supply of your choice!

We also travel with our Show Vans full of sample models to all our clients, both domestic and international. Should you be interested in having this type of presentation at your premises, please contact us to discuss the options.


We hope to see you soon!

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